Smith: Mother Oracle

When Smith confronts The Oracle in her kitchen, he calls her "Mom". Smith's reference of "mom" may refer to the same thing the Architect was referring to in his conversation with Neo: "If I am the father of the Matrix, she would undoubtedly be its mother."

But the Oracle is also Smith's "mom" in a few other ways. By introducing choice into the system, the Oracle introduces both Agent Smith as well as Smith and his qualities:

  1. Agent Smith: The Oracle's system of choice leads to the "systemic anomaly". This leads to rejection, the need for Zion, the One, etc., including the need for Agents/Sentinels, and Smith is an Agent/sentinel (see Matrix System: Agents & Hacking). Smith wouldn't have existed until the Oracle introduced choice into the Matrix.
  2. Smith: The Oracle's system of choice gives Smith the choice to become an exile (and therefore a virus) after Neo destroys him.

I do not think that the Oracle actually programmed Smith's hatred or caused Smith to be able to copy over other programs. I think the Architect has more to do with that (see the "Smith" section of Architect: Equation).

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