Who is Sati?

Rama-Kandra says that he loves Sati very much, but where he comes from love is not enough - if a program does not have a purpose, it is deleted. This tells us that Sati is a program created without purpose, perhaps the first of her kind. The Oracle says that Sati will change "both of our worlds" forever. This certainly seems likely:

Sati has the ability to control weather inside of the Matrix, because Sati is able to create an impossibly beautiful sunset in the name of Neo at the very end of M3. Since she was apparently created in the machine world (remember, Rama-Kandra is a machine, not a mere program), it seems likely that the sunset was an ability she "developed." In machine terms, this would mean she might have "hacked" the Matrix to produce the sunset.

It could also be that Sati might eventually replace the Oracle - consider the following clues:

  1. Sati is a hybrid program, a combination of an intuitive program (Rama-Kandra) and a highly creative mathematical program (Kamala);
  2. In ETM, the Oracle says, "...I believe the child is important. She will change both your world and our world forever";
  3. We see the Oracle showing Sati how to bake cookies;
  4. The Oracle gives Sati the protection of Seraph.

Perhaps the Oracle is treating Sati as her apprentice. She will probably someday be given the Oracle's eyes and perhaps even replace the Oracle. Because of the evolved understanding that Sati's program father Rama-Kandra has of love, not to mention her program mother Kamala's expertise as an "interactive software engineer", Sati might be able to see past irrational choices that are not understood by the decision maker. In all three movies, there are numerous irrational choices made that even the Oracle cannot see past, and in fact irrational choice (or belief) seems to be the main thread throughout the movie.

Also, the Oracle "believes" Sati will be important, just as she "believed" Neo would defeat Smith. So, the Oracle may be taking another chance by taking in Sati (see Oracle: The Believer) since there are no guarantees about how Sati will turn out or what she will do. This parallel belief does not imply at all that Sati is the next One (see Debunked: Sati the Next One).

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