Seldomly Asked Questions: Architect & Trinity

If the Architect wants Neo to choose the right door, why does Architect even point out that Trinity is dying?

The Architect knows that Neo loves Trinity. Therefore, there is a chance that Neo might choose the left door (a choice for a "specific" love over the "general" love of humanity). To get rid of this factor, the Architect shows Trinity late in their conversation, when he determines that Neo no longer has enough time to stop the bullet from killing Trinity. If Neo were rational, he'd let Trinity go since the Architect is right - Neo can't stop this bullet. But the Architect does not anticipate that Neo would be able to resurrect Trinity.

How does the Architect know that Trinity is going to die in the first place?

According to the Oracle, the Architect can't see past any choice, so it is true that the Architect shouldn't be able to see into the future at all, let alone see into the future after Neo's irrational choice. The only way the Architect can see into the future is by reading Neo's mind, when Neo has "the sight". For an explanation of how Neo is able to see the future, see Oracle: Baking Cookies.

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