Seldomly Asked Questions: Hardlines

Why do redpill hackers need hardlines to jack into the Matrix?

We see redpill hackers using cellphones to communicate with the operator all the time. So why can't they just jack in and jack out using their cell phones instead of hardlines?

I have always speculated that a cell phone signal could not transmit enough bandwidth to support the signal of a full human being. In other words, the amount of information transmitted to and from the human body and the human's code in the Matrix is too much data for a cell phone to handle. We all know that even the most basic audio information isn't transmitted over cell phone networks very well - it is often very poor quality. I was pleased to eventually have my theory confirmed by the Wachowskis when they chatted with fans:

Sinclair: Why were they only able to jack in through hard-lines, but still able to communicate over cell?
WachowskiBros: Sinclair, good question! Mostly we felt that the amount of information that was being sent into the Matrix required a significant portal. Those portals, we felt, were better described with the hard lines rather than cell lines. We also felt that the rebels tried to be invisible when they hacked, that's why all the entrances and exits were sort of through decrepit and low traffic areas of the Matrix.

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