Neo: Neo's Parallel

While M2 and M3 make it painfully obvious that Smith is Neo's opposite from the machine world, I feel a little more clever for realizing who Neo's parallel is in the machine world. Neo's parallel is robot B166ER from "Second Renaissance" (part of The Animatrix):

B166ER is part of the machine race. Neo is part of the human race.
B166ER is created by humans. Neo is created by machines.
B166ER, the anomaly machine, makes a choice that leads to more freedom for machines. Neo, the anomaly human, makes a choice that leads to more freedom for humans.
Traditional humans are outraged and disgusted by the thought of a robot exercising true choice. Old programs such as the Merovingian and Architect do not wish to accept that humans exercise true choice (to them it is causality/irrationality).
Liberal sympathizers and androids protest for machine civil rights. Rare programs such as the Oracle (and probably Sati) push for more understanding of human choice and irrationality.

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