Neo: Neo Dies?

After all the Smiths are deleted by the Matrix, we see the Oracle as well as Sati (the Indian girl) back to their old selves. We are left to assume that everyone else previously taken over by a Smith continues to live. Why then couldn't Neo continue to live after his Smith identity was deleted, just like everyone else plugged into the Matrix? It could be that his real life physical body unable to tolerate the electrical impulses required to instantly delete billions of Smiths all over the world.

However, we must also consider the fact that M3 didn't show Neo's body inside of the Matrix after Smith was deleted. He seems to have disappeared. We only see the machines taking Neo's body away in the real world. It is possible (quite possible, in fact) that Neo is still alive. The Matrix Online certainly plays on this possible outcome. In the game, Morpheus demands that the machines return Neo's body, and the machines refuse to return it (same with Trinity's body).

I personally think that Neo (or at least his consciousness as an AI program) was upgraded to a higher status at the end of M3, and that he will someday be used to protect "that which matters most" within the system of the Matrix if he isn't doing that already. Look at the right-most graphic above in the title bar: this is what we saw at the end of M3 as Neo's body was being taken away. Notice it looks like an angel. Where else in the Matrix movies did we hear about angels? See this Seraph page for more on this theory.

There are other theories about what Neo is doing at the moment. The Matrix Online draws a suspicious picture when a woman named Sarah Edmontons (anagram for Thomas Anderson) is reported to wake up from a coma and walk out of the hospital, bypassing all security guards. [Here is a screen capture taken directly from MxO.] This woman later comes under the protection of Seraph, and is rumored to play an important role in the future of the Matrix Online video game. It could be that Neo is hiding within the consciousness of this woman's body (perhaps Neo "hid" his consciousness in one of the Smith clones before the Smiths were deleted). It could also be that Machines are keeping Neo around since Neo would be the only "anti-virus program" to counter Smith (and remnants of the Smith virus are definitely present in the Matrix Online game).

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