Matrix System: Mobil Avenue

Mobil Avenue is the subway station Neo's mind is in when he wakes up at the beginning of M3. The word "mobil" is an anagram for limbo.

"They have their reasons, but usually a program chooses exile when it faces deletion." - The Oracle (M2)

"You destroyed me, Mister Anderson. Afterward, I knew the rules, I understood what I was supposed to do but I didn't. I couldn't. I was compelled to stay, compelled to disobey." - Smith (M2)

As both the Oracle and Smith confirm, programs are not forced to be deleted. They can either choose deletion or exile, the same way people can choose to reject or accept the Matrix. This is because the Oracle's model of choice is what defines the operations that are most core to the running of the Prime Program.

Because the Merovingian was actually residing in the Matrix when the choice model was proven to work, the Merovingian and many other programs from version 0.9b (including the Trainman, Persephone, the Twins, vampires, etc.) were allowed to deny deletion. This created the necessity of a path by which exile programs can enter back into the Matrix from the Source to escape deletion, and that is the main purpose that Mobil Avenue serves. Presumably, it is also the path taken by programs to return to the Source, since it connects the Matrix to the Source.

The Merovingian cannot deny his purpose, even as an exile: he still continues to traffic information, and he therefore still continues to know all information that is traveling in the Matrix at all times. That is why Neo, Morpheus and Trinity are told that the Merovingian has been "expecting" them when they go to see him at Le Vrai. This ability to know everything that is happening inside the Matrix makes him an extremely difficult exile to kill, because no human or program can set out to kill him without his knowing. This earns him the allegiance of the Trainman and other exiles. The Merovingian protects these exiles from getting killed by Agents in return for their service and loyalty to him, bringing him more power.

So, when a program refuses deletion, it is placed in Mobil Avenue and left to fend for itself. Logic does not require the Architect to promise survival or a happy life to a program once it chooses deletion any more than he guarantees survival to a human once a human swallows a red pill.

The Trainman's original intended purpose was likely to maintain Mobil Ave. as a way for legitimate programs to travel to and from the Source and the Matrix. This makes the Merovingian and Trainman very unique in the way that they are exiles, and they are both (perhaps unintentionally) fulfilling additional system purposes they were not originally designed for: providing a system of choice to programs.

Not only is the word "mobil" an anagram for Limbo, Club Hel is to programs as Zion is to humans: they are both filled with programs/humans who denied their designated purpose within the Matrix system ("sinners"). Both Club Hel and Zion are underground, making the parallel between Hell and Zion/Club Hel even more robust.

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