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July 1, 2005

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Who Killed Sewage Crew?
Nine Plant Workers Killed, Leaving a Mystery - By Sentinel Staff

Nine workers at the Rumbaar Sewage Treatment Station were found shot through the head, and authorities have no motive, suspects or leads to follow at this time. At first, authorities couldn't find the men, but finally ordered the sewage vats drained and found the bodies there.

The article makes a big point to say that it is not the work of an amateur, because there are no signs of struggle, and bullet holes in each man are different, indicating the men were not just lined up and shot. Also, the article reports "green sparks from some disconnected electrical lines" giving the scene an eerie glow.

Because of the subject nature of the other articles in this issue and the fact that articles in each issue are usually related, this is probably the work of the General and his Commandos (the General becomes associated with helicopters in MxO).

Helicopter Pilots Survive Mid-Air Collision and Crash
By City Staff

Two helicopter pilots survived a massive collision, and after crashing, they fell into a river with currents strong enough to rip machinery to shreds, receiving only minor injuries and hypothermia. A jogger who witnessed the event described it as "a massive shock of thunder followed by a fireball. They hit with so much force that I thought I could see shockwaves...".

What this all means, of course, is that neither helicopter pilot is human. The helicopter pilots were probably a couple of the General's Commandos.

Although I am not sure why the General and his Commandos killed the sewage crew, it is clear that the General is trying to stir up fighting among humans and machines while trying to form an alliance with humans. More will be said about the General in the Kid's Blog as well as the General's Blog.

The Air is Humming
by Andres Bonifacieao

Going along with the other two articles relating to the General, his Commandos, and the helicopters they use to travel in, Andres comments on the intense feelings he's been getting from the city, especially all the helicopters flying around all the time. He mentions that people can't even talk about the helicopters because their conversation is interrupted by another helicopter flying by.

Changing the subject, Andres says, "I've resigned myself to the Redpill fad," saying that he runs into these redpill characters quite a bit, and that some of them are actually "okay" as long as their "I've-got-a-secret attitude" is tolerable. One named PhreakOfNature says that one of his own was killed at the sewage treatment plant.

Redpills say they will avenge the murder and the justice system will not, and Andres interprets this to foreshadow gang war. He also mentions the city seems "darker" even despite the spectacular sunsets they have been having.

Encoded Message

In this Sentinel edition, there is an encoded message that is accessed by clicking on the word "Deaths" at the bottom of the front page, in the Sentinel Index. The message reads:

To: Zion Council
From: Operative (REDACTED)
Re: Developments After Murder of Morpheus

Honorable Councilors:

You have asked me to survey reactions, rumors and attitudes following Morpheus's murder. My findings:

1. Zionites are outraged. Qualms over Morpheus's provocations have been washed away by the blood of his martyrdom. An effort is afoot - Captain Niobe and a coterie of followers are in the vanguard - to tease the secret of the assassin's identity from those in the Matrix. They seek revenge. Many Redpills are deeply angry and seeking satisfaction.

2. The Machines deny complicity. They too urge their followers to locate and destroy the assassin. Perhaps this is a ruse. However, it may also be meant as a show of good faith. Risking anthropomorphization, let me report another possible motive. The Machines have lost face. The Matrix has proved too unruly for them to control. A sense of distress among Agents is perceptible, if indirectly expressed. That Agent Skinner was "killed," apparently by the same assassin, seems to have created alarm. They may seek the assassin to prove they are, indeed, in control and to be feared and deferred to.

3. The Merovingian has not hidden his pleasure at this turn of events. But he studiously avoids taking credit for it. He held a postmortem celebration. He served cake (the Merovingian's desserts are known to exert druglike effects over those who consume it; no obvious change was observed in those who did). His aide Flood disparaged Morpheus ("If you want me to say some somber, respectful things about Morpheus you'll have to wait until I stop laughing,") and chided underlings for being beaten to the punch by this unknown party. It is hard to imagine these braggarts failing to crow about this coup if they were behind it. Unconfirmed reports that the Merovingian is having his followers make quiet inquiries may suggest innocence, or be mere disinformation.

4. Suspects. The Merovingian is obvious. The Machines were the ones Morpheus was provoking, and may have calculated they could get away with it. Restive Exiles, chafing at the Merovingian's control, may hope to frame him and so inspire his elimination by the Machines or vengeance-seekers. Finally, I would be remiss if I did not report a widespread rumor naming Commander Lock as the killer. His personal involvement with Captain Niobe, and hers with Morpheus, is cited as motive. Lock is, of course, freeborn, unable to jack in to the Matrix. The rumor speculates he has developed a wireless connection to the Matrix, and cites the assassin's masked RSI as a result of this imperfect connection. I make no judgment on this rumor, only mention it.

5. Hoax. Morpheus told some Redpills he "might have to go away," or "might have to disappear" before the killing. His physical body has not been found. Reports of jacking-in points conflict. It is possible Morpheus somehow staged this, a lie in a world of lies. If so, the grief he has inspired may turn to rage when he returns.

6. Conclusions. This will test the truce. Wrongly blamed parties may be killed or deleted. Vendettas may arise. Framing may occur. Zion may wish to formalize the search for the assassin, so that a reliable determination may be made of his guilt before he is punished. Definitely two, and possibly three factions are in a race to find and identify the assassin. The competition may turn deadly.

7. I continue my inquiries and await further orders (END REPORT).

It seems to me that MxO is deliberately creating a "who dunnit" murder mystery surrounding Morpheus in order to hook its current players and possibly attract the attention of more players (Morpheus is the biggest character in the movies, second only to Neo). My own personal feeling about the Commander Locke rumor is that it is false. His character in the movie seems to be that of someone who doesn't waste time with useless things like revenge. He proved himself to be an extremely effiecient and effective commander for this and many other reasons.

According to Flood (Merovingian Controller), "We never gave The Assassin killcodes. The bullets we supplied were designed to jam his signal and make it so he could never jack back into the Matrix, therefore causing The Merovingian no further harm." That said, Flood believes Morpheus is dead.

Personal of the Day

"A-D...¦AI EVI GSQMRK JSV CSY XLIVI MW RS IWGET. QSVTLIYW WLEPP FI EZIRKIH. Box 139" When decoded with an alphabet shift, the message reads, "We are coming for you there is no escap. Morpheus shall be avenged." The message is probably sent by Niobe.

"Gamer Gal looking for a man who will play games. Like men with tapered jeans, pony tails, and an appetite for salsa. Come press the buttons of my heart. Box 227"

"Summer Fun is looking for a sexy lady for my brother, he has a boat of speed. Box 729"

News Briefs

Célébration De Liberté - "The French Immigration Assistance Committee (FAIC) will beholding a 'Post-Oppressor' celebration tonight at the Hel Club starting at 8:00 PM. All Francophiles are welcome." Since the Merovingian (the Frenchman) owns Club Hel and Morpheus has just been killed, this is a party put on by the Merovingian to celebrate Morpheus's death.

Litter Bug Complaints - Litter in the city has become a major problem, and city officials are considering a leaflet ban, pointing out that they are "responding to citizen complaints". In reality, machines are trying to get in the way of the General and his Commando dumping propaganda leaflets from helicopters all over the city.

Shell Shock Study Underway - A Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder study will be conducted on people suffering from "nightmares, insomnia, depression, flashbacks, anxiety, or other mood disturbances", and this article announces that more voluteers are sought (some will be paid). This covers an extremely wide range of people, so it may be that the one doing the testing is simply looking for any human subjects. This could be in reference to Doctor Naforius, a machine exile who did torturous tests on humans to learn more about them, and who sought refuge in the Matrix when he was told his experiments needed to stop (see Pandora's Boxes).

Sting for Intoxicated Teens - Anonymous complaints that a local club sold alcohol to underage patrons are being investigated. Appropriately, the club is named "Club Succubus". Club Succubus is a popular hideout for certain exile groups.

Free Trade Not War - "The President announced a new policy toward foreign trade partners that he said would improve the nation's economy and security. Congress members applauded the announcement, saying it would improve the nation's economy and security." The only point of this news brief seems to be that Congress is a puppet of the President since Congress apparently echoes exactly what the President says.

Roadmap Talks Continue - Leaders assure reporters that progress is steady in the Middle East, despite low-intensity conflict punctuated by high-intensity outbreaks of violence. The neverending conflict in the Middle East may be a parallel to the neverending conflict between man and machine.

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