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May 6, 2005

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Riots Rock Barrens
Eclipse Celebration Rowdiness Escalates into Riots; Area Curfew Imposed - By CITY STAFF

This Sentinel issue parallels the "Nightfall" event that took place in MxO, in which the Merovingian put down a gang uprising against him. The article reports the arrest of 40 individuals connected to the event. None of these individuals gave their real names, instead giving their aliases such as "RogueA" and "Calliente", which suggests that some MxO players watching the event and fighting within the gangs were arrested by Agents. The article attributes this aversion of giving out real names to part of the mysterious "Redpill" underground culture.

Officials deny rumors that large numbers of the detainees have been released, as well as rumors that protestors disabled the maximum security systems and staged a massive prison break. MxO players probably broke other MxO players out of prison shortly after the event.

There is also a photo of the event with a caption that talks about the "death cults, militant gangs, and rampant drug use" associated with the Redpill subculture, and how today's youth is susceptible to it (keep in mind the article is, of course, written by "City Staff").

Now, That's an Eclipse!

This article, also written by "City Staff", reports on the once-every-two-centuries solar eclipse that caused nightfall to happen earlier than normal. The eclipse also lasted longer than a normal eclipse since it was "caused by a rare conjunction of orbits, causing the path of the moon's shadow to move almost tandem with Earth". The same photo as shown above shows the eclipse.

The article reports "feral dogs" acting strangely and agressively, which of course refers to the werewolf exiles that work for the Merovingian, especially Ookami, the leader of the werewolves and one of the leaders of the revolt against the Merovingian. It also reports gang violence with reports of a challenge of leadership in one of the gangs that was put down.

Presumably, what really happened is that one of the Merovingian's exile gang members happens to control the orbit of the Moon, Earth and Sun, enabling a lasting nightfall with a full moon so that the werewolf exiles could more effectively stage a fight against the Merovingian.

Dark Doings in the Dark
- By Andres Bonifacaieo

In this article, Andres mostly rambles about the current events already mentioned in this issue: the solar eclipse drove folks "batty", it was a good night to stay inside, etc. He mentions rumors of a street creep named "Invalesco" (who we know is the leader of the vampire exiles) leading a coup that "went down hard". Also, one of the "Redpill hipsters" came into the bar and told Andres about his experience at the event, discussing bizarre names and creatures of the night that Andres "couldn't follow any better than I could a schizophrenic's rant". He concludes by saying he thinks these people live in another world.

Personal of the Day

"RIP Feronus. What you did will not be forgotten. Let others beware, and learn from these events. -M"

In this personal, the Merovingian refers to Invalesco's fallen brother Feronus.

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