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March 14, 2005 (Beta)

Note: Keep in mind that this is a Beta edition of the Sentinel. The first non-Beta edition ( March 17, 2005) is issued before Morpheus even thinks of setting off bombs, because it is released immediately after M3 ends, before Morpheus is even aware that the Machines are not going to return Neo's body. In some cases, Beta articles will be repeated several months later during the "real" gameplay. Still, the Beta issues have articles that never appear for regular players that are interesting to read.

Cops: It Isn't Morpheus
City officials say terrorist sighting was actually local eccentric. - By SENTINEL STAFF

This article's picture caption reads, "This photo of the man pretending to be the late Morpheus was snapped by accident by an office worker with a digital camera. He 'flew away,' according to the photographer."

As usual, "officials" deny that this is Morpheus and insist Morpheus was killed in Southern Asia last year, but the details in the article make it completely obvious that this is him. Officials say the man is a "local eccentric" who, at other times, believed he was opera singer Paul Robeson, Hatian founder Toussaint L'Ouverture, anticommunist writer George Schuyler, and Jesus Christ. You can't get more creative than a story like this - Agents are clearly desperate to discredit Morpheus's cause of setting off bombs to reveal the Matrix to bluepills. "City officials" report that the man is inciting riots and speaking without a permit, quickly going from one location to another before authorities can catch him.

A Sentinel reporter quoted Morpheus as saying something that the reporter admits has an unclear meaning: "Listen to me. We must strain the system in every way we can. Only when the May tricks collapse is imminent will they return, they won." Of course, what Morpheus must have really said was, "...imminent will they return the One." "May tricks" refers to an event two months from now, since this issue is released in March.

Here are other quotes from Morpheus's speeches:

"Redpills should passively resist. Wreck things in little ways. Use your powers. Hype your junk, as often as you can. The illusion will fall the more you're observed."

"We must prove we're ready to take it all down if they don't return the one."

"Challenge the agents. Invade forbidden zones. A thousand stings brings down a great beast, or at least turns it aside."

After his speeches, half of the crowd leaves all at once "as though people flew off in all directions, even into the sky." Reporters are also confused about who "the one" is. "Black-suited men" [Agents, of course] also arrived in a black vehicle, and "the imposter" [Morpheus] set off a "fireworks flash" and then left. One witness said the flash "transformed one of the listeners, somehow." Obviously, this is one of the bombs Morpheus is using to reveal the Matrix to bluepills, and "city officials" are drawing attention away from Morpheus's real purpose by stating they are investigating to see if fireworks regulations have been violated.

There is a secret link in this Sentinel edition if you click on the top triangle of the Sentinel pyramid logo, which reads:

## The Sentinel ##
## Backdoor Initialized ##
## ACCESS secured ##
## ZION RELAY Initialized ##
## Bulletin Transmission ##


Morpheus puts us in the uncomfortable position of working with the
Machines to stop his activity.

Do not participate in Morpheus's Matrix-straining campaign.

The truce is precious, and Zion's defenses are only partially rebuilt.
We've taken some new precautions, but provoking a new war is foolhardy.

Try to reason with Morpheus if you see him.

Diplomacy will return the One's remains, if they still exist. We need
not risk crashing the whole system.

We have cards to play of which Morpheus does not know.

## End Transmission ##
## Access Logs Cleaned ##
## Relay terminated ##

City Announces Fireworks Fines
Officials Seek to Head Off Trend of Using Fireworks on Non-Holidays. - by City Desk

In a continued effort to fight Morpheus's cause to wake people up from the Matrix, this press release written by "City Desk" announces penalties for using fireworks in city limits: $2,000 for the first usage, $4,000 for the second, $8,000 and 30 days in jail for the third. More importantly, another provision says that citizens who aid in the apprehension of violators are awarded the fine moneys. A spokesman says, "If your tip causes them to be arrested, or if you perform a citizen's arrest, you get the dough." They even say that "reasonable force" may be used, and cooperating citizens may be able to share the award or even get duplicate awards.

Of course, officials cite burning down the city as the reason for taking "fireworks" so seriously, and they deny that this is directly related to the man masquerading as the deceased terrorist Morpheus. But such an unusual provision of aggression clearly shows that machines are using all means they can to capture Morpheus.

This Just In: Rain Falls, Wets Streets
by Andres Bonifacieao

This article is later printed in the May 18, 2005 (non-beta) issue, which is where the article is summarized.

News Briefs

More Power than Africa? - This brief is used later in the May 18, 2005 (non-beta) issue with the title "Power Hungry Aluminum".

Patient Rights Bill Considered - This brief is used later in the May 18, 2005 (non-beta) issue with the title "Medical Advisory Bill Considered".

Recycling Recycled - This brief is used later in the May 18, 2005 (non-beta) issue with the title "Medical Advisory Bill Considered".

Family Protests Medical Bills - A family devastated by medical expenses threw toy money and pig's blood off of a rooftop near the Sentinel editorial offices, and the Sentinel is preparing for an upcoming feature story on them. Police aren't charging the family because "We've got bigger fish to fry. This Morpheus imposter, for one."

Alzheimer Study Published Today - This brief is used later in the May 18, 2005 (non-beta) issue with the title "No Alum-Alzheimer's Link".

"Red" Deaths Climb in Richland District - This brief is used later in the May 18, 2005 (non-beta) issue with the title "New Red Pill Threat".

City Alumni Contribute to Time Capsule - This brief is used later in the May 18, 2005 (non-beta) issue with the title "Time Capsule Fun".

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