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I recommend that you become familiar with the Matrix Online plotline before reading this page.

In The Matrix Online video game (which takes place after M3 ends), a Zionist faction emerges called Cypherites, and they are followers of Cypher who believe in the cause of getting all Zionists to rejoin the Matrix and to stop giving red pills to people in the Matrix. They believe they are following Neo's wishes since Neo fought for peace between machines and humans, and their leader is named Cryptos.

Believing that Cypherites are "pissing on the grave of Neo", the Kid (from The Animatrix and M3) forms E Pluribus Neo, another Zionist faction at the other extreme. They fight Cypherites and also set off bombs inside the Matrix that reveal Matrix code to people inside the Matrix, in order to wake up as many people as possible (a bit extreme, since it actually kills some people because of drowning in their real world pods). E Pluribus Neo followers also believe they are doing what Neo would want them to do, since Neo freed so many minds.

Almost every issue of The Sentinel (bluepill newspaper in the video game) contains secret links of encoded communication for Zionists, Merovingian followers and machine allies use to communicate with each other. Once E Pluribus Neo formed, they started communicating through secret Sentinel links as well. One of the encoded messages is signed off with "JVVROZQDNQIUEQOETARVQU". A simple Caesar shift cypher reveals this to be HTTPMXOBLOGSCOMCRYPTOS. Adding certain punctuation to this reveals This is a website apparently run by the fictional Kid from M3 - his own blog mostly concerning Cryptos. The blog dates back to before E Pluribus Neo formed, and shows the Kid has been watching Cryptos for some time. While all MxO players know that the Kid runs the blog, the Kid runs the site anonymously and would deny involvement if approached about it (just as he would deny leading E Pluribus Neo).

This helps to complete the Wachowskis' whole "multi-media" storytelling technique: the entire Matrix story is told through three movies, nine short animated films, two video games (The Path of Neo doesn't count), comics, and this fictional website that you and I can access in our own real world. Kinda weird, huh?

What I Got from the Blog

While many of you will probably like to view all of the blogs on the Kid's site, some of you may only care to know what information from the website affects your understanding of the ongoing plot line, history of the Matrix, or how the Matrix system works. So, I have compiled a list of things I learned from the Kid's blogs as well as user comments:

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