Matrix Games: The Matrix Online

Chapter 4.2: (Veil of Cryptos continued)

The Kid, the one awakened by belief in Neo and who opened gate 3 in M3, holds a small meeting at Mara church (a meeting that was advertised as a coded message in the most recent Sentinel issue, October 28, 2005) with likeminded redpills, discussing the importance of Neo’s legacy and how Cryptos and Cypherites are dishonoring it. He forms a splinter group called E Pluribus Neo, meaning “From Many, One”.

Cryptos posts a public Cypherite recruitment message on Data Node 1 (the official Matrix Online website) calling for everyone who wishes to “embrace the world as it should be” to join. The only requirement to meet with the newly appointed Cypherite liaison is to solve a riddle, and there is an influx of both public and secret masked supporters. The Kid also posts a public E Pluribus Neo recruitment message on Data Node 1, directing his message to those “with Neo in their hearts”, calling for people to do “what Neo died for, to free everyone from the clutches of the Matrix”, and there is another influx of public and undercover EPN supporters.

A mysterious program called “ProtectorProgram” writes a report to The Architect and also requests the Oracle broadcast it to Megacity redpills via Data Node 1 since redpills of the city do not realize that her presence could mean an eminent reboot of the system. She says that trouble lies ahead.

Veil holds a Cypherite meeting with redpills and confirms existence of a splinter Cypherite group who wish to speed things up by somehow arranging mass reinsertion of everyone. She declares them enemies of all Cypherites. Word of this splinter group reaches all other organizations who are told to be very alert about the new group’s existence.

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