Matrix Games: The Matrix Online

Chapter 4.1: (Veil of Cryptos continued): Merovingian Perspective

Flood receives reports of numerous attacks and sends Merovingian operatives to put down the attacks. It appears Zionists are behind the attacks, targeting specific exiles. Merovingian operatives sustain heavy losses but manage to defend several of the bases. One of the wounded gives the operatives a data disk which he says must reach the Merovingian.

Flood decides to retaliate against recent attacks, and since his forces are laid out thin enough, he plans to “persuade” the Cypherites to assist. Merovingian operatives disguise themselves as Zionists and attack a masked base. Cypherites retaliate on a known Zionist base of operations. Flood sends troops to assist, only to find dead Cypherite bodies and a single data disk. Flood demands it uploaded for analysis.

Analysis of the data disk reveals to Flood that Cypherites are running extra scans on the Union Hill Cryptos box. Fearing the masked may be on to their deception, Flood sends an operative to meet with the Cypherites to try and cool things over since the truce is too valuable to lose. The operative is met with nothing but relocated bases and eventually gunfire. Veil contacts Flood, accusing him of betrayal. The deal between them is over, and the Merovingian won’t be pleased.

Flood is bombarded with attack reports from Zionists, commandos and Machines. What few operatives he can spare to send in defense arrive too late. Flood receives another report that the Effectuator is under attack by Machines, and again Flood’s operatives arrive too late - all exiles are dead and the Effectuator is gone.

The Merovingian grants Flood a single chance to redeem himself by defending a major research center under attack by commandos, where scientists have barricaded themselves into one of the rooms. The commandos are dealt with and the scientists freed. Flood’s operatives rush to another research center, finding almost an identical situation. Before all the commandos are killed, the entire attacking commando force falls dead. The scientists explain that it must have been the EMCP (electromagnetic code pulse) they just let off to disable their computers. Flood is pleased to learn that he now has a weapon to instantly kill all commandos within a set radius.

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