Matrix Games: The Matrix Online

Chapter 3.3: Veil of Cryptos: Merovingian Perspective

The Merovingian learns of Niobe's meeting with the General but doesn’t know what was negotiated. He sends Flood and his operatives to investigate all details of the meeting by using a stolen Zion access card at the nearest Zionite base. The investigation is successful as they track the data to a Zion database, not having to deal with even one single guard. They proceed to the heavily-guarded database, and the long battle that takes place gives Zionists time to completely wipe the system. All that is left are deleted files.

Flood’s unsuccessful attempts to uncover details of Niobe’s meeting prompts him to retaliate directly against Zion through manipulation. Flood’s operatives disguised like Zion soldiers attack a Cypherite base in hopes that it would have both organizations at each others’ throats in no time. The attack goes as planned, but since Cypherites are always under attack from Zion, this attack makes little difference. Flood abuses the Merovingian’s deal with Cypherites and secretly gets operatives into one of the masked database sites in order to find something that will really get the Cypherites’ attention. All that is found are junk files, but one clever operator notices that the end of each file corresponds to the location of the Union Hill Cryptos box, showing another connection between Cryptos and masked Cypherites. Flood decides to make it look like Zion sabotaged this box. Flood’s operatives obtain Zion virus codes and has fake Zionists accompany the sabotage. The virus is planted at the Cypherite database, and Flood heartlessly orders the elimination of the false Zionists to make the scene more convincing.

After Cypherites increase their attacks on Zion, Flood considers his manipulation of the Cypherites successful, and meanwhile, the Merovingian had been developing a virus designed to reroute Zion communication, now fully tested and ready to go. Flood has a single redpill operative stealthily plant the rerouter on a Zion mainframe computer, and the Merovingian immediately receives Zion communication ordering to cease hostilities toward the commandos, showing that the commandos are playing both sides.

The Merovingian throws a party at Club Sphinx [inside] for all his loyal followers, taking over the club with the help of his elite redpill guards and Ookami. Zion operatives present do not welcome this party and bring in Commando support. The Merovingian orders his troops to clear the club of protestors, and Zionists and Commandos are forced outside and kept out by the elite bodyguards. When Ookami strolls away from the club, she is attacked by Zionists, and the Merovingian’s followers soon come to her aid. Massive organizational fighting breaks out, and Ookami is finally able to escape with the help of her lupines. Tension between Zion and the Merovingian is at an all time high.

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