Matrix Games: The Matrix Online

Chapter 3.1: (Death of the Destroyer continued): Machines Perspective

Machine operatives are sent to question witnesses of strange 10-foot-tall boxes. appearing throughout Megacity, surrounded by thick smoke, in order to determine their origin. Commandos interfere with questioning by killing off witnesses. The questioning reveals that men wearing bandanas around their faces are involved and have been sighted around the boxes. Machines then lead operatives on strikes against the Commando soldiers. During one strike, operatives find a secret file with information on “The Colonel”, and he becomes the Machines’ primary target. Another strike leads to the discovery of an encrypted file concerning the Colonel’s exact location, but the encryption is heavily coded in machine-like manner, making it a challenge to crack.

The Machines decode the Colonel’s location and lead a strike on his base to delete the Colonel. The Colonel asks Machines to check a certain sector of the pod fields for broadcast signals. It turns out there is a bomb that would kill hundreds of bluepills if it goes off, and it is connected to the Colonel’s RSI so that his death triggers the bomb. Machines are forced to withdraw.

Machine operatives break into the commando base and obtain deactivation codes for the pod bomb, which they successfully disarm. Without the pod bomb to protect him, the Colonel is again targeted for deletion. After a couple of dead ends, Machine operatives finally find his hiding place and kill the deadly commando. During this raid, files were found with these notes in them:

From: The General
”We need to know how much the Machines know about us. They are (obviously) the only ones who pose a true threat to us. I expect answers."

From: The General
”This Machine interference has gone on long enough. Colonel, I expect you to put a stop to it. That shouldn't be so hard, given the amount of resources at your disposal... and your obvious passion for dealing with humans. I will not permit any failures -- our project must proceed according to plan.”

Agent Gray appears at Mara central and says that all Zion operatives must be purged from the Matrix because they have “corrupted it with their stench”. He attacks any Zion redpills present and mass fighting breaks out. Gray hyper jumps away, then shortly returns, asking what all the violence is about. He has no recollection of his previous actions and says investigations will be made before leaving, suggesting that perhaps an imposter took his place.

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