Matrix Games: The Matrix Online

Chapter 2.3a: (Double Cross continued)

The following Sentinel issue is released:

September 22, 2005: Litter Crackdown

Mysterious camouflaged commandos appear throughout Megacity. A Zion scout team witnesses a General disembarking from a commando helicopter and issuing orders to other commandos after distributing leaflets around the city, then he leaves to distribute more leaflets. A Zion operative makes official contact with the commandos and learn the commandos wish to have friendly relations with all major powers in the city. The commandos agree to follow the operative. Tyndall orders that the operative let the commandos be “accidentally” killed by exile gang members so that documents they received from their General can be acquired, hoping the documents will shed light on the commandos’ motives. The documents turn out to be a list of coordinates referring to several helipads around the city to serve as meeting places for commandos.

Zion learns of a meeting between commandos and Merovingian forces. Anome is put in charge of the mission to spy on the meeting. Anome’s operation is compromised in spite of his overconfidence, and the meeting changes locations. They successfully spy on the second location, and after hearing the commandos and exiles speak of peace, he orders the elimination of all exile forces. Fighting begins, but Commander Lock orders the operative to stand down and pull out immediately. Tyndall is put back in charge of commando related missions because of Anome’s foul-ups, and Commander Lock orders that all further dealings with the commandos are to be peaceful. A Zion operative is sent to track down the leader of an exile gang that keeps meeting with the commandos. The operative meets the exile, and with little persuasion learns that the commandos are ex-military programs from the Machine world and that they offered the Merovingian forces a non-interference agreement.

The commandos want to peacefully meet Zion again, and Zion has trouble securing a meeting place without interference with Merovingian forces. They finally meet, and the commandos reveal they are indeed exiles who want to break free of Machine oppression by making the Matrix a safe haven for any and all lifeforms that have living consciousness. Tyndall agrees this alliance would be beneficial, and Commander Lock orders that an operative go on a mission with commando soldiers to clean up gang activity to help out bluepill police. The mission is a success.

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