Matrix Games: The Matrix Online

Chapter 2.1: Double Cross

Niobe breaks into a hotel room where the Merovingian is staying with Persephone in hopes of learning more about the Assassin. Holding Persephone at sword-point, the Merovingian tells Niobe that the Assassin is most often to be found around sewage and garbage. With backup from Ghost, Niobe is able to get the Merovingian to call his thugs and allow them to exit the hotel unharmed.

Level 50 red-eye agents begin to spawn at Kalt Chemicals, and it is a losing battle for redpills trying to fight them off. Neurophyte arrives and strikes the agents with bolts of yellow energy that kill them instantly, winning the battle for redpills. Using her power so much weakens her, and she collapses. After being revived, she suffers temporary memory loss and jacks out.

Zion operatives track down code ingredients for Zion scientists to mass produce the insecticide code for use in future battles against the Assassin. A man by the name of Maerd (who looks, sounds and thinks very similar to Morpheus) plants code bombs in major gathering places in the Matrix, and he is thought to be a former follower of Morpheus carrying out Morpheus’s work. These bombs bring the Assassin out from hiding, and the Assassin has some brief fun with brave redpills who try to kill him, again disappearing shortly after.

During a raid on an exile base, redpills find a newspaper clipping that reports someone named “Sarah Edmontons” unexpectedly walked away from a coma out of a hospital without saying a word. Sarah Edmontons is an anagram for Thomas Anderson, and this could possibly be foreshadowing about the return of the One.

Red-eye agents return and start telling redpills that “potential carriers” are being targeted. Most players believe they are searching for Neurophyte, carrier of the kill code, because the red-eye agents also wanted the code from Neo’s RSI in Chapter 1.1 to make themselves more powerful.

The Morpheus look-a-like appears again, setting off code bombs throughout the city. When asked who he is, he answers, “You know who I am.” The Assassin asks people where Maerd ran to, and the terrified redpills tell him before the Assassin quickly disappears.

On the Novalis II, Vashuo is killed by a signal disrupting device planted onto the back of his jack-in chair. The entire Novalis II crew is detained for questioning since a Cypherite traitor is obviously on the ship. It is believed to be a high-ranking leader since intercepted transmissions show Gemaskeered himself requesting orders from the unknown traitor.

Just after the murder, the operator of the Novalis II emergency jacked the crew out of the Matrix, resulting in code fragments being dropped around their last jacked-in locations. These hold possible clues about the identity of the traitor because of the last-thought data contained in each of the code fragments. The players e-mail clues to Tyndall, Agent Gray, and Flood (the three representatives of the three player organizations). The Cypherite leader is finally revealed to be Toorima (masked alias Veil). Veil has been known as an assassin of extreme skill and efficiency and has been linked to several unsolved redpill murders. She is in custody in Zion.

Enmascarado appears in the Matrix and demands to have Niobe fight him. As a code bomb goes off in the background (presumably set off by Niobe), she faces Enmascarado, but the bomb brings the Assassin out from hiding. Niobe begins a duel with the Assassin, but it ends quickly as Enmascarado gets involved. As Enmascarado is close to death, he warns that his RSI is rigged with a deadly surprise that is released if he is destroyed. The Assassin kills Enmascarado, and a flame virus is released from his RSI, infecting everyone in the surrounding area, causing mass fighting to break out. The Assassin disappears and Niobe is left to calm the redpills out of their confusion and violence. The virus spreads through most of the hardlines in the city to all redpills for a short time, and things finally return to normal.

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