Matrix Games: The Matrix Online

Chapter 1.3b: The Hunt for Morpheus' Assassin

The following Sentinel issue is released:

July 1, 2005: Who Killed Sewage Crew?

It is discovered that the Assassin can transform himself into a swarm of flies at will and is always surrounded by flies. Masked followers of the Assassin begin dropping vital clues around the city, suggesting the Merovingian is responsible for the Assassin. Agent Skinner leads some Machine operatives in a hunt for the Assassin. After cornering the Assassin, the Assassin lets loose his corrupted followers to attack the operatives. The Assassin finally shoots Agent Skinner with a virus-infected bullet, and Agent Skinner is forced to kill himself before the virus spreads.

A new agent, Agent Pace, is created to replace Agent Skinner. Agent Pace is the first female agent who better understands human emotion and who is more friendly, accommodating better the peace between Zion and Machines. Zion is divided as Niobe creates her own group devoted to avenging Morpheus and carrying on his legacy.

The masked men disappear from the streets and are replaced by the Corrupted, who are more powerful than the masked men. The Corrupted drop more clues about the identity and purpose of the Assassin. He was the machine in charge of recycling, including bodies of dead bluepills, and he was ordered not to recycle Trinity’s body. He fled to the Matrix after being scheduled for deletion, and of course must have gone into service for the Merovingian. His goal is to bring down the Matrix in order to see his former masters fall, and he doesn’t care that this will destroy himself in the process. The Assassin has begun to overwrite the minds of bluepills, turning them into his “Corrupted” soldiers. He has also begun to corrupt the Matrix from the inside out - every time a Corrupted is killed, it harms the stability of the Matrix. Various monuments around the city begin to show the destabilization of the Matrix.

Giant monsters called Complete Corrupted, begin to appear around various monuments affected by the Assassin. These level 255 creatures destroy everything in their path. Normal Corrupted spawn near these monsters and drop “insecticide code”, which is discovered to be the only thing that can defeat the Complete Corrupted. Fighting the creatures doesn’t do any good until all redpill organizations unite and finally defeat them. The Assassin’s activities stop suddenly and unexpectedly, and he is assumed to be in hiding.

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