Matrix Games: The Matrix Online

Chapter 1.3a: The Hunt for Morpheus

Morpheus gives a speech in the Matrix threatening the machines unless they return Neo’s body, and Machines make an official statement that Neo’s body will not be given up. Morpheus then sets off numerous "code bombs" that turn the Matrix environment within a certain radius into the green code that makes it up, revealing the true nature of the Matrix to many bluepills, causing them to reject the Matrix. The bombs also release a virus, a green sprite that follows around any infected redpill, causing even more bluepills to wake up. All three organizations make official statements condemning Morpheus’s actions, and Zion’s statement says that Morpheus should be considered an outcast.

The following Sentinel issue is released:

May 18, 2005: Morpheus the New Elvis?

Meanwhile, several helicopters fly around dropping leaflets that say, “Do not trust the Frenchman”. Similar messages are found encoded on city billboards. (Later, we discover this to be from the General, a leader of exile Commandos that were probably agents in a previous Matrix. Agents of all previous Matrix versions hate redpills and also hate exiles, and the Merovingian is an exile leader of all exiles.)

Morpheus makes a series of speeches taking responsibility for the bombs, urging bluepills to “wake up from their dream” to fight for the body of Neo. Morpheus evades agents as well as Ookami and her lupine followers. Niobe shows up at one of his speeches and tries to convince Morpheus to stop even for his own safety, but Morpheus says he knows what he is doing. Masked bandits show up and attack everyone present at the speech. Morpheus hyper jumps away.

While Morpheus sets off a bomb in a water treatment plant, he is shot dead by a masked assassin who is not only able to quickly "fly" through air vents, but who is able to bypass Morpheus’s auto jack-out with special “kill code” bullets. All three organizations begin investigating the Assassin.

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