Matrix Games: The Matrix Online

Chapter 1.2: Nightfall

The following Sentinel issue is released:

April 18, 2005: Wright Announces ‘Smart Plastic’

For unknown reasons, the lupine (werewolf) and blood drinker (vampire) exiles start fighting redpills. After these attacks, the leaders of these exiles (Ookami and Malphas) disappear, and the exiles claim the leaders were captured. In revenge, the exiles go on another rampage. All three organizations deny capturing the leaders. During the absence of the leaders, a vampire exile named Invalesco) rises to power. He calls all redpills to bring him certain items in exchange for his transforming them into an immortal exile vampire.

Ookami and Malphas then return, revealing that they had merely been hiding from the Merovingian since he attempted to kill them. Ookami and Malphas then give their alliance a new direction of destroying the Frenchman, and the exiles recruit redpills to help fight against the Merovingian. Invalesco’s brother Feronus interferes with Invalesco’s attempt to overthrow exile leaders, and fighting breaks out among redpills (some for Invalesco, some against). Invalesco is stabbed by a stake in the heart and goes into hiding to regain his strength. Ookami and Malphas have redpills follow an elaborate string of clues to hunt down Invalesco, who is eventually found and killed by a second stake to the heart.

Meanwhile, the Merovingian gathers his forces and strikes hard against lupines and blood drinkers, putting down their rebellion. Ookami and Malphas are captured and tortured until agreeing to be loyal to the Merovingian.

The following Sentinel issue is released:

May 6, 2005: Riots Rock Barrens

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