Matrix Games: The Matrix Online

Chapter 1.1: The Race for the One

The Matrix Online begins with not much happening except for players learning about the game, environment and their loyalties. The following two Sentinel issues are released:

January 24, 2005: Record Rainfall Strains Drains
March 17, 2005: Spring is Finally Here!

Redpill factions fight with each other, and strange red-eye agents appear throughout the Matrix and threaten to cancel the auto jack-out and tamper with hardline operation unless those with “illegal contrabands" give them up.

Red-eye agents then start attacking all redpill players for unknown reasons, and all three organizations (Zion, Machines and Merovingian) deny involvement with red-eye agents. The red-eye agents drop code fragments that contain Neo’s final thoughts within the Matrix, and after realizing their importance, the organizations begin a race to collect as many of these fragments as possible. Players hope that Neo might be able to be reborn by putting together enough fragments, and Merovingian and Zion players viciously fight to collect the most code fragments.

The following Sentinel issue is released:

March 30, 2005: Glowing Red is New Black!

Morpheus, Architect and Persephone, each claim to have seen Neo floating above a triangular room with the Zion, Merovingian and Machine organizations at different corners of the room. In this vision, each organization rushes to the center of the room but unexpectedly shakes hands. This point of this peaceful message is missed by each organization as they continue to fight. The Zion organization is finally revealed to have collected the most RSI fragments of Neo.

The Oracle reveals that the future of the Matrix is in danger. She says a group of exile programs called shapers are the only ones that can successfully re-forge Neo’s RSI, and that red-eye agents must not be allowed to get the shapers. Unfortunately, the organizations also fight over the shapers, and due to foolishness on the part of redpills, red-eye agents gain control of a shaper.

This leads to the appearance of N30 Agents, red-eye agents with some part of Neo embedded into them. These super agents fight and overwhelm all organizations until they all start working together along with Agent Gray and Morpheus to finally defeat the N30 Agents.

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