Animatrix: Beyond

Written by: Kji Morimoto
Directed by: Kji Morimoto

This story uses exaggerated perspective and distortion for its animation style, and does not use any CGI.

Plot Summary

The main character, Yoko, loses her cat Uki and goes out looking for it. She encounters an abandoned house that seems to be an amalgamation of Matrix program errors, and she sees little kids who are playing around with these anomalies. They throw a bottle at the ground, which shatters and then comes back together to form a perfect bottle. One kid jumps from a high point and falls toward the ground, stopping inches above the ground as if he's being held up by aninvisible force. A broken light bulb flickers on and off, and a door opens up to black nothingness.

These errors (and others not mentioned) do not cause the children to question their reality - instead, they just innocently exploit the errors. Not too long after Yoko explores the abandoned house, agents and men dressed like hazardous material workers show up and tell them to leave. Later we see that they have changed the entire house into a parking lot.


This story compliments the Oracle's comment that vampires, werewolves and aliens are always caused by programs doing things they're not supposed to be doing. In this case, the programs may have malfunctioned, so the "doing what they're not supposed to be doing" may be accidental. Keeping in mind that these malfunctions are not just errors, but actual programs, it is reasonable to assume that the programs were hiding from deletion in the abandoned house.

While the Oracle, Sati, Merovingian and Seraph are examples of programs with "shells" inside the Matrix, they are rare examples. Most programs running in the Matrix are invisible. In the case of the house of errors, the programs still appear invisible, but their effects are not because they defy laws of programmed reality within the Matrix.

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