Animatrix: Program

Written and Directed by: Yoshiaki Kawajiri
Character Designs: Yutaka Minowa

This episode was released as a free episode to the public. Here is a link to download the movie (Quicktime player required):

Plot Summary

This film begins with Cis engaged in her favorite battle simulation program set in feudal Japan, in which she kills several attacking cavalry. One of her shipmates named Duo then appears in the simulation as a samurai. While fighting each other, Duo engages her in a strong mental fight as well, attempting to convince Cis to accompany him in plugging back in to the Matrix. Cis explains that they already know the truth that the Matrix isn't real, but Duo reminds her that machines can make humans forget about their past.

Despite Duo's persuasive arguments, Cis refuses his offer and wants out of the simulation. Duo says it's too late and that the machines are already on their way, implying that he has already killed the rest of the crew. As their argument progresses, their fighting becomes more and more intense, and at this point, they are trying to kill each other. Finally, Duo swings his sword at Cis. Cis stops his sword, breaks a piece off of it and uses it to stab Duo.

Cis then wakes up and is informed that this was all part of a training program to initiate her as a crewmember. After Kaiser tells her that she passed, she punches him and walks away. Kaiser says that, aside from the punch, she passed the test.

The Cyper Test

Cypher certainly would have flunked such a trial if he had gone through it, and this leads me to believe that this program was implemented shortly after Cypher’s betrayal as a test for all new crew members. Duo's arguments were presented in a way that would be impossible to refuse if someone even remotely like Cypher went through this training program.

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