Animatrix: Final Flight of the Osiris

Written by: The Wachowskis
Directed by: Andy Jones
CG: Square's North American division (same company that produced Final Fantasy; produced Osiris immediately after Final Fantasy and improved on realism of computer-generated characters)

This the only episode of The Animatrix that is completely computer-animated. It is also the only episode that serves only to supplement the plotline of the Matrix movies without symbolic and philosophical imagery.

Plot Summary

(Captain Thadeus and Jue first engage in an erotic swordfight inside of a dojo construct. They are interrupted by an alarm just before kissing.)

Captain Thadeus, Jue and the rest of the crew on board the Osiris discover a gigantic sentinel army preparing to attack Zion, and they see a couple of digging machines starting to tunnel down to Zion. They realize they must warn Zion, but since they are on the Earth's surface, they are too far away to broadcast a signal to Zion or to any other ships. So, they must deliver the message using a drop location inside of the Matrix, addressing the package to a particular P.O. box.

As swarms of sentinels chase and attack their ship, Jue goes into the Matrix. After a series of acrobatic moves in order to get her from the top of a building down to the sidewalk, she runs to a postal dropbox and drops the package into it. She gets on her cell phone to tell Captain Thadeus she succeeded, and their ship explodes (Jue then falls to the ground inside the Matrix).

This all happens six months after M1 ends, just before M2 begins. The video game Enter the Matrix (see Matrix Games: Enter the Matrix) connects this story directly to the beginning of M2.

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